Embedded Systems and IoT

Delve into the world of embedded systems and use it to implement Internet of Things

Embedded Systems using AVR

Reach the depths of embedded systems and learn to develop using AVR.

Robotics Operating System

Interface and interact with hardware like never before .


Programming with C

Get to know the mother of programming languages and learn to develop and build logic.

Programming with C++

Providing imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation makes "C with classes" a deadly skill for your arsenal

Programming with Java

Get acquainted with the platform independent widely-used development tool.

Programming with Python

Get ready for a hassle (semi-colon) free, interpreter based ride.


Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Learn the science behind the buzzword of the decade and get acquainted with the tools to make your machine learn!

Android Development

Want to show off your coding skills on your own phone? Want to build your won apps? Then this is for you!

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